What I Am About


Moving around the urban space shouldn't be based on private cars that pollute and clog the movement of people through a city. Walking, riding a bicycle, or using a scooter are better ways to move around densely populated spaces.

Bicycles Belong

A bicycle can take you anywhere, from just down the street to places far from home. Bicycles are the most efficient means of conveyance ever invented, and they play a key role in a green future.

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing is my happy place. It's also a powerful metaphor for freedom, responsibility, risk taking, and environmental stewardship in a time of climate change.

Climate Crisis

Humanity is in a moment of great concern due to the current climate change crisis. More needs to be done to preserve a habitable world for our future generations and the creatures that share Spaceship Earth.

IT Synergy

Information technology has improved the lives of tens of millions of people worldwide. Yet it still exists in a "wild west" environment, where its co-existence with society can be fraught. I strive to keep IT as "human" as possible, designing for people, not programmers.


Whether it's getting people out of private cars and onto bicycles, or fighting for climate justice, or helping advance voting rights for all people, I've both talked the talk and walked the walk.


Various musings about bicycles, skiing, climate change, and other topics of note.