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Smart Transportation for All

Any place, urban or rural, deserves a smart, balanced, and contextually-appropriate transportation design. I get around by foot, bike, rail, taxi, private car, and airplane – often mixing some or all of these modes. They need to coexist to work well.

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IT Synergy: from Apple to Zenith

I’ve worn many hats in the IT world, and I emerged (mostly) unscathed from the dotcom boom and bust. From website design, to consultation on hardware and software for clients, to network and information security, I’ve learned how to translate sometimes confusing concepts into understandable language.

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Bicycles as more than just toys

Bicycles are a perfect tool for almost every person. They keep you fit. They can ride around traffic snarls, often with a more direct route. They can carry you, a friend, your kids, your groceries. They can take you down the block or across long distances. And they are great for actually seeing the environment you traverse.

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Skiing as a Life Philosophy

I’ve been skiing since I was a child, and to me it is a life philosophy. It embodies freedom, challenge, overcoming fear, harnessing adrenaline, and thinking while on the move. It is both deeply independent and individual, while also being social and convivial. The mountains are always calling.

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